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Why Companies Should Focus More on Snapchat ?

We all have seen businesses promoting their brands through social media, most of them uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more recently Instagram. But what about Snapchat?

Snapchat, a mobile app, where you can share pictures and videos with your friends that last for a day. This concept has been launched in September 2011 by three Standford University’s students, and became one of the fastest growing social apps and networks worldwide.

Snapchat is today the most popular social media among teenagers, with 191 million of daily users for the first quarter of 2018.

Snapchat is full of potential for creating brand awareness and businesses should put more attention on how to integrate this social media to their marketing strategy.

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How can companies use Snapchat ?

  • Story Telling : Companies are able to tell stories to Snapchat’s users through the videos they post.

Benefit, a cosmetic company postes make-up tutorials through Snapchat so users learn about the brand and how to use its products.

  • Behind the scenes content : Businesses can give more details about how their companies work, how their products are made, and any type of information that customers do not usually have access to ! This can be very useful for brands proposing products or services difficult to market on social media.

Cisco, a leader in IT and networking decided to launch “Day in the Life of an Account Manager” Snapchat series to show the typical workday of their account managers with humor. 

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  • Offers and promotions : Companies have the opportunity to propose exclusive promotions and discounts to Snapchat’s users. This is key to make customers feel special having access to particular offers that not all customers will be able to use.

Amazon regularly postes promotion codes on their stories.

  • Partnerships with influencers : Another option for companies on Snapchat is to create partnerships with social influencers that will promote the brand with their fans and could get more followers for the company’s Snapchat account.

DJ Khaled, one of the most known social  influencers on Snapchat partners with Apple Beats showing their products on his stories.

  • Creating sponsored filters and lenses : Snapchat is mostly known for its filters and lenses that can change users’ faces and allow them to take original pictures and videos. These filters and lenses create brand awareness while users have fun sharing them with their followers.

Taco Bell is one of the first companies to have used Snapchat as a tool in their marketing strategy. The company creates filters to promote new products but it is greatly known for having launched also created the most viewed lens on Snapchat at date with more than 224 millions of views. This lens was specially prepared to celebrate « Cinco de Mayo » and using this famous date enabled the chain to increase its popularity.

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Snapchat is occuping a greater space in the social media world and offers new possibilities to promote brands and strengthen their relationships with customers. Companies are learning how to make the most of it but many of them still stick to usual social media.

Businesses have now the choice between improving their creativeness through new original patforms or stay with what they believe is a sure value.

What do you think about it ? Can Snapchat become a more efficient tool than the other platforms companies usually use ?


3 thoughts on “Why Companies Should Focus More on Snapchat ?”

  1. Hi there!
    It’s very interesting to see the pro’s of using Snapchat to market products/brands. I think it could work if Snapchat made their user interface easier to use and maybe even have a website that links straight to the content. With Instagram and Facebook, you can generally search brands on these sites to see their pages and promotions without having an actual social media account for them. Snapchat’s target audience is quite minimal though and therefore it may be harder to saturate a large proportion of the digital market easier.

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  2. Hey! Really interesting blog post! Snapchats developments in digital marketing is very interesting! I frequently find out about new marketing promotions via snapchat filters, for example, new movies! However, I think marketing campaigns are focusing more on Instagram stories

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Anna! That’s true, Instagram is probably seen as more important by companies but I still think Snapchat can be advantageous, mostly for targeting young people, and also in different ways from what you usually have on Instagram.

      Liked by 1 person

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